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little eden

Readmore of King of Compost, LA Weekly article >>


The people doing the Organic Style piece came by last Wed evening and again early Thursday morning — the photographer took over 100 photos (she said) and the clip will use only about 3.

I believe the article will be about alternatives to front (water guzzlin’) lawns with a few other garden examples.   Our front yard garden is an example of edible landscaping and a couple other gardens around town show native planting and xeroscaping.

We had to remove the blue tarp from the one side of the house as requested by them — hopefully the crumbled singles won’t look too bad in the photos.


“The Tender Land” will celebrate interpretations of landscape, environment, and ecology, tracing the changing perceptions of nature and the human relationship to the earth. The festival will kick off with a citywide celebration on October 9, 2004…

Taken from an opera of the same name by the American composer Aaron Copland, the “The Tender Land” title suggests the fragility of nature and the significance of human interaction with it. This festival will explore issues of environmental interaction through artistic, scientific, and historical media.

On Friday, a city official came by to take some photos of our garden for the long anticipated Tender Land exhibit that’s touring certain venues throughout the city.

He was commissioned to take photos of community and private gardens in Pasadena – each garden will have a picture chosen to be a part of the photo exhibit.

Wonder which one will they choose to be blown up from the three rolls of film he took of the homestead?


From brutal hot dog days, the weather has been quite pleasant the past few days, slightly cool nights and mornings — had to put an extra blanket on the bed last night.

The limas are producing — love fresh limas. Don’t have a clue why limas have had such a bad rap, possibly because frozen ones don’t come close to the buttery, meaty tasty of fresh limas right off the vine.

Many of the tomatoes have been affected by unsightly late blight – so all last week we took out the old, blighty tomatoes and planted new ones in their place. JC has a bunch of gallon tomatoes in the nursery waiting their turn for the next succession planting. We should get another crop in late summer, early fall — hopefully.

JC harvested the last of the winter squash. We were surprisingly happy with the harvest compared to last year and the pathetic amount that we got.


It’s definitely a great year for peaches, picking some as big as a grapefruit!


On Saturday evening a handful of friends were invited for a potluck and music/sing-a-long.

Everyone brought some great dishes and goodies — thanks all! One of our contributions to the table was peach crisp — which was a hit (should have made more) Next time, OK?

No J Travolta, but, regardless, we had a blast! 😉

Tony & Sascha playing a classical piece


Yesterday (Wed) morning a small group of kids from the New Horizon School across the street came by for a visit — they enjoyed a “smelling garden tour,” made some paper pots to plant sunflowers, and ground up some grain on the bicycle grinder.

The teacher mentioned that the school has been finding dead birds — first thought popping in our mind was West Nile Virus. Tonight on the news, some cities are going to start spraying.


I finally got around to updating the news and stories on the front page — there’s some really great articles.

So much work and planning to do – a little over two weeks tillSolFest and we have yet to get all things together – and there’s preparation forRobina McCurdy.

So far registration is slow – hopefully the interest will start picking up. We find that people here in LA like to wait to the last minute, in the meantime we are sweating this one out.

Robina McCurdy


Time sure flies, was it only three years ago onJuly 2001 that we started the “urban homestead diary?” It’s been an eventful journey and quite a learning experience — wonder what the path ahead will bring?

Weather Report: Nice

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