Yesterday was a busy (and hot!) one here on the urban homestead!

Spent the morning working in the garden picking strawberries, cukes, figs and apples and searching for slugs for Tia our box turtle.

JM did her weekend chicken/duck coop and bunny hutch cleaning/scrubbing and the guys sweeping, watering, planting and transplanting.

We had a volunteer who found our “farm” listed onWWOOF come by to help with the chores. Luckily she’s had some experience in gardening, working on a farm and wasn’t afraid of getting dirty.

The afternoon turned out to be a scorcher and for a few hours we took it easy in the shade and occasionally ventured out to pick peaches and pull out the dead nasturtium plants or water.

I don’t know what I was thinking, wanting to harvest peaches on a hot and sweating afternoon. It turns out that the peach fuzz made arms and necks itch like crazy (duh) — not a good chore to do in the sweltering afternoon heat but, hey, it was in the shade!

The volunteer was so excited about being able to work in a garden again and for her help that afternoon she left with some fresh peaches and juicy tomatoes.

We had a few “drive bys” and “drop ins” from the LA Times article, due to the fact that the article forgot to mention that tours were by reservation only.   In addition a few friends popped in to see what’s been going on. It was good to have a chance to relax in the shade, chat a bit with friends and sip some cool fruit juice and talk about what we hope to accomplish in the future.

Towards the end of the afternoon a friend dropped in to pick up her weekly produce and she generously volunteered to give me a ride down to the grocery store to pick up some canning jars and ice for making ice cream — otherwise, would have had to wait till the evening when the heat finally subsided.

After, we walked across the street to get some organic compost fromBurkard’s and check around to see if they had anything new.

Then it was busy time in the kitchen, canning tomatoes and peeling peaches for the peach ice cream. Today, will be busy in the kitchen (and garden) again, this time canning peaches, too.

JBB, you asked to keep you posted on the canning adventures, Happy to report there are no holes in the ceiling. 😉

Weather Report: Another scorcher!  Temps reaching over 100°

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