So much work — the garden harvest is really pouring in. Going to have to start to can some ‘maters and peaches — we enjoyed cold cucumber soup these last couple days (yum!). Made a duck egg omelet yesterday for brunch with our tomatoes, peppers, basil, chives – it was quite tasty.

We’ve all been working non-stop in the garden, keeping the beds and containers in optimum planting successions.

Anna Apple Harvest

In addition, there’s pressure and stress on us in preparing for Robina McCurdy’s Aug 29 workshop. She’s requiring a substantial fee and we’d love to at least break even, but as it looks so far with all the work going into getting the word out and printing of flyers and so forth – we’ll be losing money on this event.

With all the projects and jobs needing to be done on the homestead, we can’t afford, at this time, to lose any more money or time.

It’s a difficult balance trying to make a living, running the homestead and keeping this resource center going. We are swamped with emails (and tour requests) , accumulating now for three months. I try to answer each email and answer all inquires, but writing a detailed letter is hard at this point as there’s not much spare time. JM and I are slowly trying to respond as best we can… but other obligations come first and I hope our readers understand it (unfortunately, some do not)

It’s a delicate juggling act… hmmm wonder if we can get a spot in the circus *grin*

Some people have assumed we are backed by grants, receive substantial donations, or are independently wealthy (or a non profit org) — which is in fact not the case. So, first and foremost, we have to make a living to keep us and this project running. Unfortunately, during these times, some things do fall by the wayside… like the newsletter (and ptf website) is on the backburner for now– it’s frustrating. But, family, making a living and working on our dreams and future come first.

People ask us how we manage to do/accomplish so much — we oftentimes wonder that ourselves.

Weather Report: Hot

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