Summer is here, bringing to So. CA hot temps and destructive wildfires.

Piles of work are waiting to be tackled in the garden as are the many projects we have going on so we’re trying our best to catch up to everything. PTF’s Urban Diary hasn’t been updated for some time now … here’s a few things that happened over the last few days:

Sun chicken


Since we’re vegetarian and because we cook simple vegetable meals, we never were able to put our homemade solar cooker to the test of cooking meat – until last Wednesday.

A friend of ours called to ask if she could use our solar oven to roast a chicken as it was much too hot to even attempt to cook in her kitchen.

We said she was welcome to try but couldn’t guarantee how the end result would be. With no experience in cooking meat in a sun oven, we  checked up on the internet and found a few tips.

So she brought the chicken over around noon, sprinkled a few spices, stuffed the inside with a few onions and lemon and left. We were working in the garden all day so we peeked in the oven occasionally to see how the chicken was doing.

Three hours later the chicken was done – the meat so tender, it fell off the bones. Our friend came to pick up the chicken and did the long awaited taste test. With a big smile and a “yum!” she reported that it was excellent, moist and very tasty.


On Sunday, Don Sarich, CEO of the revolutionaryPermaculture Credit Uniongave a very informative talk on the benefits of this union and its banking and loan system.

Over 30 people showed up at PTF to listen to him and learn more about the PCU. We’d like to thank everyone for coming and bringing great food to share.

And a big thanks to Don Sarich for taking the time to stop by PTF and share his information. (It was really nice having met you.) Thanksto Wes and Marjorie ofSanta Barbara Permaculture Guildfor arranging the engagement.

Don Sarich

The PCU is a unique credit union – they work with the members helping them achieve their goals in purchasing green and eco-friendly items and making it a win-win situation to all involved.
It was great to hear how this green money system is working for hundreds of members in over four countries and it’s continuing to grow by leaps and bounds — money talks and people are speaking.

and we’ll soon be members.

Don Tolman


After Don Sarich (aka Don #1 as he was later referred to during the evening) we had a surprise guest speaker from Tennessee, nutritionist Don Tolman.

Don “#2”, having a very charismatic personality,had the audience rapt with attention —  he could have gone on all night if not for another engagement that he needed to attend.

He began his talk about the ancient foods of the Hebrews, Greeks and Egyptians. He has even replicated the “pulse” food that Daniel and his friends ate in Babylon as recorded in the Bible.

He also mentioned how certain foods that you eat  have “signatures” which the ancient cultures recognized.

For example, carrots when sliced have the appearance of an eye so the ancients realized it was good vision food. When walnuts are shelled the “meat” resembles our brain, i.e., the two hemispheres, so that food feeds the brain. Tomatoes resemble the heart and so are heart foods. Avocadoes are woman shaped foods. If a woman eats three avocados a week she will not get cancer of her female organs plus she will lose weight.

Don mentioned that this is all part of a Grand Design. He really criticized the allopathic medical profession as it is today. Terminally ill patients whom the medical profession could not cure were sent to him and he was able to restore their health in 40 days on a water fast alone. 

Another point was that our brain consists of 85% water and if we don’t drink enough water, we are depriving our brain of its optimum performance.

He performed a feat of memorizing 25 items in less than 5 seconds, attributing his mental capabilities his revelatory “new learning” methods. He said with his methods one can learn a new language in 24 hours…. amazing.

An Alzheimer patient he interviewed, when asked when was the last time she drankwater answered, ” nearly 18 years ago.”    Don says that he recommends drinking 1/2 gallon of water a day.

He concluded the evening with giving the 7 laws of health. Health is so simple it’s a tragedy that we aren’t healthier as a nation or as individuals.


We’re excited about our new ice cream maker, having made some amazingly good ice cream from it.

JM and I made 1 1/2 gallons of organic strawberry ice cream on Sunday for the gathering and boy, was it yummy! As it turns out, we made way more than we needed for the gathering, so we’ll have to eat the rest ourselves (like who’s complaining anyways!)


Mmmm, dreaming of more creamy confections… since the peaches are ripe, how ’bout some peach ice cream?   Well, first we get through this batch. 😉


When the guest speakers had finished doing their stuff, we all enjoyed a night of music.   Guitarists Tony, Sascha, and JJ made the garage alive with “the sound of music”. Thanks you guys!

We all had such a blast as guitars and voices mingled in various tunes – from classical arrangements, to rock and reggae ballads.

It was so much fun, the last person went home at near 2am this morning.

Yikes! Was a tad bit groggy this morning having to wake up early (5 am)  🙂

Weather Report: The heat is on

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