We had a great showing for the spinning workshop (over 15 particpants). Thanks to all who participated and especially the madam of drop spindle, Annie May.

JM and I haven’t quite mastered the technique yet. The principle is easily learned but mastering the graceful art is quite another story — it’s like trying to rub your head and pat your tummy at the same time….

Annie May shared a bit of folk history pertaining to woman and this form of handwork.

In certain countries women weren’t able to marry until they mastered this art. In 1700 King George required so much spun wool for taxation that a household needed a full time spinster – and so the word became associated with an unmarried woman.

Drop spindle is the earliest mechanism for spinning and it takes much practice to master this ancient art. After experiencing this technique first hand, you begin to develop a greater appreciation of past generations, realizing how much time/hours would go into actually making clothing from start to finish.

Twist & Whorl

Weather Report: Overcast (and cool) morning, pleasant afternoon

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