Taking a brief break this afternoon from helping JC clean up the tomato plants. A messy, dirty and smelly job! 

So far, we’ve cleaned out a heaping 55 gallon drum of yellow and dead leaves/branches… and we still have a few more rows to go!


Last week we watched the sci-fi thrillerSoylant Green. The film was pretty progressive for its time (1970’s).

I won’t spoil the ending, but one scene that struck us most was when Charlton Heston and his friend were salivating over a stick of celery and savoring lettuce and an apple.

The world would certainly be worse if the fruits and veggies of the field were so scarce that only the super wealthy could afford natural luxuries as fresh produce and meat while a whole new generation  (represented by Heston) never tasted such delicacies.

As a result of decades of industrial pollution, the greenhouse effect caused constant heatwaves and mass extinction of plants and animals. Humans, on the other hand, continue to grow in numbers and New York has population of 40 million – mostly utterly impoverished people forced to sleep in crammed stairways and dependant on synthetic food called “Soylent.” A tiny minority of rich and powerful people, on the other hand, can afford such luxuries as running water and strawberries

Another striking scene was when Heston’s friend “checked himself ” into a forbidden theatre (to die) while watching the magnificent beauty of “x-rated” nature.

The euthanasia death chamber was conceived as a sort of super IMAX movie theater where previously “forbidden” images such as forests, water, or mountains flash before the occupants’ eyes in their dying moments. Read more >>

Certain benefits of life that we took for granted and have taken for granted are gone, left to the memory of the older generation and a movie screen. With the Soylant Corp, one can draw parallels to the mass control of Monsanto.

Snow peas in June


We are still experiencing deep and chilly (and misty) gloom in the morning and late evening.   Yesterday there was a heavy dampness in the air and it really felt as if it could rain (but, sorry to say, it didn’t)

The snow peas are thriving with this weather, and are giving us a decent June harvest. The experiment with trying to extend their season by planting them on the cooler, north side of the house seems to have worked.


The cukes are fairing better than last year. JC thinks it’s because we bought seeds from another seed company.  That could be as we’ve had germination difficulties before with seeds from this company.

We planted the regular ol’ green marketmores, and heirloom lemon yellow. This year, however. we are trying out some other varieties apple green and Chinese yellow.


Well, not really! Recently, we’ve noticed two bike patrol cops patrolling the neighborhood regularly but yesterday they stopped and chatted with JD who was doing some pruning in the front yard getting the garden ready for a newsstand magazine publication and photo spread in July.

One cop commented on the yard and the black ‘burban in the driveway. Of course the conversation then progressed onto biodiesel and how we are brewing it. One of the officers then wanted to go and see our little bio lab. On first seeing the heater and tank contraptions, the cop commented about it looking like a meth lab. I hope he was joking! 😉

Anyhow, we were visited by an automotive writer in the area, he is going to be writing an article on homebrewing biodiesel in the local newspapers.

Weather Report: Overcast (and cool) morning, pleasant afternoon

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