RIP Cody

This is the hardest post I’ve ever had to write….  

I have sad news….Cody died on Wednesday night of congestive heart failure — he had just turned 1 yo on June 1. We could tell something was wrong starting a little over a week ago, and his condition started to deteriorate rapidly over the last few days.

The whole family is utterly devastated — JM especially who sat by his side for three whole days. She’s is really upset over it….

She watched him being born, so she has the closest connection to him of all of us. He was “our cat”  raised by us – not like the other cats who were dropped off. He was a member of the family.

Poor fella, you could tell he wanted to live, but his body wouldn’t let him — he would cry out occasionally — a meow that we never want to hear again.

Wed evening his symptoms were getting worse, he couldn’t move and had a hard time breathing. We’ve never actually seen anything die before and for us this was horrible to watch and so darn frustrating because you could do a darn thing.

As the evening progressed, his breathing became worse and he was fighting so and we couldn’t bear to watch anymore, so JD held him and said that we should give him to God — we pleaded with the Cody that “you can go now, you can go now…. just go” His breathing became more labored and he wailed a bit —- this is so hard to write……

Awful sounds…. we were all crying…

And then he took his last gurgled breathe and died — his lungs, breathing passages were filled with fluid and he apparently couldn’t breathe any more…

…. we are going to miss him….. we are all taking it pretty hard. It was an experience that we hope to never have again.

It’s been a tiring and traumatic past couple days…. the pain is very tough now….

Can’t write anymore… can’t believe he’s gone….  time will heal….

Goodbye little guy — our Cody (aka Boobie )

Weather Report: Ditto…. Overcast morning, pleasant afternoon

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  1. Shirley says:

    I have been reading the journal backwards and sheding tears for all the dear little souls who have gone from your lives. Being you stated this was the first death, thought I’d comment here. Nothing to say really except that I have shared your grief over beings I never knew and you loved dearly.

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