The past couple days, JM and I have made two yummy desserts for a dear friend of ours.   The first on this “dessert marathon” was a chocolate cake made with duck eggs and topped with our luscious strawberries and cheery pansies.

JM wanted to try a three layer cake, moving op from our normal two layer.   It turned out really nice and moist (thanks to the duck eggs!) We brought the cake to our Thursday knitting group. it was a hit.

The next dessert for another gathering (last night) was a fruit pizza. Had wanted to make this recipe for a long time as it brings back a lot of memories. The recipe was given to us many, many years ago by an senior lady in our church — it was always the hit of the party back then and we counted on it being once again.

We lost the recipe but remembered the basics, so it was going to be interesting to see how it turned out.

For the fruit pizza, we did have to buy fruit as we didn’t have enough on hand to cover the whole thing. We picked up some extra organic strawberries (on sale!), grapes, kiwi and some canned pineapple. We did have enough raspberries to sprinkle on top. One day it would be quite an accomplishment to topped the whole pizza with fruit that was all grown in the yard.

Well, the fruit pizza turned out great — and was a big hit (lots of yums, ooooo, and more yums)

Weather Report: Ditto…. Overcast morning, pleasant afternoon

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