It’s an edible jungle! The plants are filling out and growing tall. 

In the “tomato forest,” a few of the tomatoes are over 8 feet high — how high will they go? The winter squash have taken over the back fence line, even going over the top of the fence into the school.

We only have a small bed of corn this year, because the amount of harvest we get per amount of space used by corn isn’t enough. And another main issue was that the wait is too long. Crops that would continue to produce (like beans, tomatoes, squash) would be more valuable in such a space.  

So, to satisfy our sweet corn addiction this summer, we will buy some ears that are locally grown instead.


Over a dozen crafters came together for a lovely evening spent in the garden, crocheting, knitting, showing off their latest creations and munching on some great eats!  

Many remarked how this gathering was reminiscent of days past when gals got together and fellowshipped as they created their handwork.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend, we meet every Thurs afternoon (2-4pm) at theSan Rafael Branch Library.

Weather Report: Overcast morning, pleasant afternoon

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