Note: this entry was written on Friday but only got posted today due to some software problems *urgh*.

Also, haven’t had time to answer all the emails that have come in, we will get to them later so please be patient. Also, an issue of THE PATH needs to be worked on and sent out to our mailing list and web.

OK, here’s my “rant” for the month — sorry, but I just have to spout off once and awhile. 😉

We’ve all been buried by an avalanche of things to do and all the stress and frustration is beginning to take its toll. We are overwhelmed by all that still needs to be done as well as keeping up the business to pay for those very things that need to be done and so forth.

At this point in the journey, we are trying to juggle too many balls at once while continuing to add more “balls” to the chaotic mix. Often, we find ourselves trying to do things for people as we love to help but end up having no time left for ourselves.

This journey started out “easy” in a sense as our goal was to just start growing food – now we are delving into things that are a trifle more complicated and need more brainwork not handwork.

Finally got everything for soapmaking – that’s something that we hope will bring in some much needed extra income. Also trying to sell (with not much … er … any success) some vintage fabrics and clothes we got in “payment” for helping a friend clean out her garage. Now we have her “mess” and really like to get rid of it, but would like to get a few bucks in return for it since we spent hours and hours helping this friend. Some days, we can’t help but wonder (putting it mildly) what the heck did we get ourselves into?

For the past couple months we haven’t been able to do our 2 month shopping trip. That’s been curtailed due to trying to pay off some bills. Now that business is picking up, we hope to gradually extend the shopping trips to once every 4, then 6 then once again 8 weeks.

The bee hive dream had to be left by the wayside for this year – that was a hard thing to do. But we all knew adding something like that wouldn’t really be fair on the bees. So, it’s hoping for next year.

Running this whole operation – workshops, homebusiness, biodiesel, planting, animals, outreach, and so forth is too much of a load for just our shoulders to carry/handle. We each are committed to this project, but the human brain and body can only take so much.

We are either going to have to cancel certain things (not too happy about it, though) we had planned or wanted to do just to start digging out from this smothering avalanche. As our workloads increase, we still have to maintain running order around the homestead and certain things are starting to be neglected or even left unfinished. So it looks as if our priorities need to be straighten out, cuz how can you help others when you can’t even help yourself?

We’re going to have to make some tough decisions and analyze if we took this certain path too early as we’ve never been down this road before and thereare certainly lots of challenges and obstacles we are having to go through.

I think this month’s entries have been the fewest so far of any previous months (seven, now eight entries to the 31 days — two times a week)… don’t even have time to update the site anymore.

But!Not is all gloom and doom here on the urban homestead (how could it be, being that we are living in a garden?), it’s that we are going through a very tiring spell.

The tomatoes are looking good and the first small cherries are starting to come in the blackberries are still producing their hearts out, harvesting delectable leeks, beans and some zucchinis.

The weather is cooler, much cooler than we’ve had in awhile. Nice!

Moonshadow, our bunny has a problem with white mucus discharge from one eye possibly from some irritation of the eye from an object or dirt – a condition called conjunctivitis – so Jordy’s been giving her chamomile compresses and wheatgrass juice washes and Moonshadow’s eye has improved considerably.

Well, that’s all I can write about now, my brain is fried and I feel plum tuckered out this early evening but there’s still…. emails, phone calls, getting ready to make first batch of soap, chores, filing papers. getting biodiesel handout for workshop this Sunday ready, baking, laundry, checking on friends, cleaning home & car, business receipts to file and invoices to check (that’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks) and so forth to take care of before the day’s through. Can’t wait for the day of rest tomorrow…

I don’t want to sound whining and complaining, but we are all feeling a bit overwhelmed and it’s good therapy just be able to spout off once and awhile. OK, good — that’s over now back to work. 😉

Weather Report: Back to cooling down.

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