We are considering the next step in our journey by researching options on converting the bio’burban (now running on 50% homebrewed biodiesel) intorunning SVO (straight veggie oil).

There would be a bit of work and conversion needed to do on the car, but on the other hand, with SVO, there’s no need to bother with lye and methanol. The oil would still need to be strained to get out all the particulates, but then our car would really be running “green.”

We’re looking at asingle tank SVO system that one of our friends recently installed into her Mercedes with system pieces purchased fromNeoteric. Unlike Greasel or Greasecar — this one requires no additional tanks!!!

Our friend brought over her converted car by last week to show it off as we ‘ooh’ed and ahhh’ed’ . It was so simple, clean and really neat!  Seeing it in action and what it looked like got us thinking that this system could work for us.

We were hesitant to install the dual tank systems that requiring putting in an additional tank and so forth.   Since we are in a warm climate — why should we go through all the trouble?

Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of animosity between the two camps of biodiesel and SVO (Read theVegan Car, LA Weekly) and each one seems bent on denouncing the other. We’d sure like to get some unbiased opinions. So it’s off to research and weigh the options.


“Those who labor in the earth are the chosen people of God, if ever he had a chosen people, whose breasts he has made his peculiar deposit for substantial and genuine virtue.” ~ Thomas Jefferson ~

In the Parade Magazine of Sunday’s paper, they have a column called “Fresh Voices.” In today’s question, they asked teens if could go back in a period of time, which era would they choose.

Here’s one teen’s answer.

“I’d live in the 1800’s…. find a spot of land. I’d bleed and sweat and work the earth until it began producing food. That’s freedom” ~ Jordan age 18 ~

Wonder how many teens really sweat any more??? Sports and working out at the gym doesn’t count.

Weather Report: Back to cooling down.

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