We harvested the first handful beans the other day and the zukes are almost ready, evensome currant tomatoes are ripening.

The blackberry bushes are loaded with the largest blackberries we’ve ever seen!!!!

Every morning JD goes out and picks a large basket full — and they keep coming! Not that we are complaining any! So if you see us with purple stained faces you know what we’ve been munching on!

The leeks are still being harvested a little at time and the herbs such as basil, chives are growing nicely and are large enough to take snippets for meals.

Thankfully it has cooled down to be quite comfortable. Though, unfortunately, the heat made the tender green crops bolt faster — so the guys are busy replanting another batch. The heat also took out the last of the snow peas — they weren’t worth saving.


Now that the garage is de-cluttered (well, just don’t dare venture into the cellar), we are now using the rafters to hang herbs and flowers.


Knit together is tomorrow night at PTF, hope to see some of you then!

It’s the perfect way to relax in a peaceful garden setting, a chance meet others, practice your technique and skills, share favorite patterns and show off your creations.

If you’ve made an extra hat, scarf, or sweater you don’t need, you can leave them to be donated as gifts to the City of Hope for the cancer patients or Union Station for the homeless.

When: Thursday, May 13, 6pm – 8pm

Cost: Free

Bring something to contribute to the potluck!!!

Weather Report: Cool

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