Tasty treats are ripening in the garden — plump black blackberries and luscious red
strawberries. JM & I plan to whip up some tasty treats over the weekend.


Thankfully, we’ve got a teensy break from the heat  – one expects it in summer, but this early?

Should continue to be cooler for the next few days.


The guys finished laying the bigger conduit and wires yesterday – today, perhaps, they’ll hook it up to the inverter and load board. 

We hope replacing the bigger wires will help solve the problem of the inverter “shutting down” during peak hours in the afternoon displaying the error message of “VAC-BFR.”

We were told by Sunny Boy (the inverter company) that this indicates that the AC wires from the inverter to the main load were malfunctioning (not being able to send the electricity made to the main load and the city during peak sunlight hours).

Back in October, we had paid a volunteer to put in the wires for the solar – and he, not knowing this, put in the wrong sized wire (he assumed it was like any other solar installation that usually is located on the house). Being the Fall and Winter season and the angle of the sun, the inverter was able to send us enough kwh during the day. Now, as the sun’s intensity grows stronger, the inverter has been failing more often.

Upon further assistance from the solar inverter technician, we were informed that there is a “voltage drop calculator” on Sunny Boy’s site which calculates what size wire to use after accounting for all the factors involved ( feet from wire from inverter to main load). Using their calculator it indicated that we needed #4 wires to cover the 100 foot plus distance from our garage inverter and the main load located towards the front of the house.

So, we shall see if the bigger wires will help us receive some kwh. Hate to think if that doesn’t work… then what?

Weather Report: Bit cooler.

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