Fire season started earlier this year than in recent memory. Six fires are currently raging throughout the Southland. Global warming debate aside, West is heating up


OK, we are getting ready to embark down the soap making path. With all the scented herbs that grow in the garden, we should be able to concoct some great herbalsoaps.

Rabbit, duck & chicken enjoying time together in the shade

There are lots of different soaps one can make, but John Mikrut advises to KIP (keepin simple). This week, in preparation for our foray into soap making, we ordered a scale and stick blender and some molds. Can’t wait!


This week is a busy one – business wise. Lots of orders for edible flowers, salad and herbs for Mother’s Day.

We are trying to arrange a cob oven workshop for sometime this summer and wouldlove to throw a pizza party after the oven’s completion.

So many plans, solittle time and energy….

After a rash of outrageous “wanted” postings on theLA Freecycle forum, we joked that to lighten things up a bit, we should post: “Wanted: Free Time” 🙂


Picking up from the 4/29 post and question from one of our readers about cutting electricity usage, here’s a handy lil’ gadget:Kill a Watt  


Turn down (off) the lights, you’ll live longer –studies show that lights at night causes changes to the body.


The guys are busy, planting, harvesting, and working on various projects around the homestead. JD and JR are working on a small arbor to go above the garage “door” that will be trellised with grapes. JD is always finding new spaces to plant as the “air up there” is still open for planting.


barefoot children

back to the earth

follow the seasons

death and rebirth

A friend who loves to stop in at garage sales happened on some lovely cotton calico material. Thinking of us gals and our desire to make our own patchwork clothes, she generously gave the material to us (THANKS!!!!).

Now we have some great fabric and with the pattern bookThreads for Heads: A Clothing Guide for Creative Brothers and Sisters, we hope to start making some handmade creations soon.

Weather Report: Bit cooler.

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