Using buckets to collect greywater

Q. I’d love to hear how you use the bucket in the shower … do you just catch the water, soap and all before it goes down the drain?

A. Our old house doesn’t have a shower facility – instead we have an old claw foot tub. However, if you do have a shower you can use a five gallon bucket to collect the water before it goes down the drain. Of course make sure you use biodegradable soap. For our outdoor shower we let the water drain off into the surrounding edible landscape.

We use bucket drain methods for collecting water from our bathroom sink and the produce washing facility sink in our garage. Instead of connecting the drain to the sewer pipe, we just disconnected it allowing the used water to fall into a five gallon bucket underneath. This greywater is used to irrigate fruit trees and edible shrubs or, as with our bucket drain in the bathroom, can be used to flush the toilet.

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