“Someone” pulled the plug on the blow dryer! Yesterday, a cool front blew in the late afternoon. So today, it’s cool and cloudy with a hint of moisture in the air — a daytime temp drop of 40 degrees! Whadda a shock.


Received our new juicer yesterday! And, we have to admit – it’s electric. Yep, after all these years, we had to break down/compromise and buy this electric gizmo to juice all the fruit and greens from our garden. For years, we had a hand cranked juicer, but with the poundage of fruit and produce from the garden, we needed something less time-consuming and faster (ah, faster – that sly little word!)

In the snippets of spare time during the day, the juicer has been put to use, pulverizing all those apples into refreshing shakes and drinks.

Now there remains only one more box of apples to send through the blade. The remaining pulp will be frozen and used to make apple sauce.

With some delicious grapefruit (a gift from afellow homesteader and friend) and some oranges (purchased from the local farmer’s market by afriend) a tasty, refreshing quencher was created to help us through Tuesday’s heat.

Creating something delicious out of the leafy greens is the next challenge  – perhaps some spinach and kale to mix with the apple juice? Yummy!

We wonder if this gadget will increase our electricity usage. It most likely will, but I hope not by much.

The blooming banana captured in yesterday’s entry is a beautiful sight to see. And it is amazing to look up everyday and see the baby bananas forming out from each “petal”. The variety of this banana is called “Ice Cream” – a name that can really set your mouth to watering!

The plant itself is huge with several smaller plants (“pups”) sprouting out from the base.    We were amazed with the speed it grew and spread.  Could be that because it’s in the animal enclosure it is benefiting from the chickens, rabbits and ducks (and not to mention Quinn the pigeon!)?

Not to be outdone – the Mexicola avocado has quite a few little fruits but with the heat we had to watch and make sure the trees didn’t stress out and drop their fruits.

So far, everything is fine.

The yard is going through another transition phase – moving into summer plantings of cukes, squash, beans, corn, and of course tomatoes.

Here’s one answer to the “three questions”

Mimi asks: – My question (I only have one right now) is: besides replacing your

appliances and the solar power, what other ways do you cut electricity?

PTF replies: Besides changing over the majority of our appliances and such

(computer, tv, fridge, washer) over to Energy Efficient models, we do without all

“unnecessary gadgets” such as hair dryers, electric shavers, blender (use a hand

crank one), microwave, can openers, and so forth.

We don’t have a clothes dryer and dry all our clothes on a line. Also, no air

conditioning or fans. It also helps that we have a gas stove and water heater.

In addition, we’ve installed energy efficient bulbs, limit light use during the day, turn

off lights in unused rooms at night and use candles and oil lanterns often during

winter months.

Furthermore, if we do watch TV it’s limited for certain shows or rented videos.

Weather Report: Bring out the sweaters

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