The first batch of castile soap is curing well – hardening quite quickly. This batch will have to cure for about 3 weeks or so.

In the meantime, we made another batch, which we’ll pop out of the wood molds sometime this evening.  

It’s quite a fascinating process – watching liquid oils transform in hard bars. Nothing beats homemade soap – a natural alternative to the commercial soaps (or detergents, really)

Curing soap


Lots of preparation and work to do!!!!! PTF is expecting a few guests this summer.

In July we shall be hosting a get together for Mr. Don Sarich, president of thePermaculture Credit Union.  August, renownNew Zealand permaculturist and holistic educator Robian McCurdy will hosting a workshop and slide show here.

We will post details as soon as they are hashed out — also, we are working on the a June, July calendar of events. So stay tuned!

For you crafty gals – there’s going to be another knit/crochet out — and possible a clothing swap. In addition, spinning class (using a simple drop spindle) is also in the works… And too, is the get down and dirty workshop of building a cob oven (looking forward to this one!)

Will take the next few days off – wishing all a good holiday and feast of first fruits!   Enjoy the fruits (or veggies) of your labor…

Weather Report: Cool

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