The heat’s been brutal and with the dry wind it’s like someone turned on a huge blower dryer outside. Record highs were broken yesterday…

Delicate plants like the “nasty’s” (nasturtiums) aren’t taking the heat too well. Lots of the flowers all shriveled up and we will have to spend sometime this morning”dead-heading” them and hope they recover before Thursday when they are needed to fill the edible flower orders.

Lots of the transplants in the yard are being shaded by large sides of cardboard boxes and shade cloth.

Bloomin’ banana

It’s supposed to cool down considerably tomorrow then heat up again during the weekend. Spring wants to stay and Summer want to come — they are certainly battling it out. Who’ll win – well, we’d like some Springish weather that’s for sure!


The guys went to get some electrical stuff the other day as they will be having to replace the electrical wires than run from the solar inverter in the garage to the junction box at the front of the house. The distance is about 100 feetand the #10 wire needs to be replaced with #4. The perplexing problem that they face is getting the #4 wire into the conduit box.

Why replace the wire? Well if the solar panels were on top of the house we’d have no problem and 10 wire would have been perfect. Having the panel on the garage and the inverter and junction box for far away the 10 wire is not adequate to carry the electricity and we needed heavier wire because a % of wattage is lost over the length. Lesson learned – so it’s digging up everything and dong everything again!

Finally… Great three questions readers:I’ll be getting to the “three questions” soon – THANKS!

Weather Report: Cooler

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