Giant leeks


The heat is on again today! Thankfully, being in a semi-desert environment we are able to enjoy crisp cool mornings before the heat of the day.


Off again today to drum up more business — giving out a sample of edible flowers, herbs and so forth to a Culinary School in the area.


Harvested some giant leeks on Sunday – will end up making a soup with them.

R & D

The guys are discussing ways to improve the biodiesel water heater processor and they’ve come up with some great ideas/plans. We also need to start work on a homebrewer’s manual and diy plans for the processor as people’ve been asking if such a book is available.

We are working on scheduling a cob oven workshop – first, need to fix up the area around the garage to accommodate a cob oven and then sit down and figure out what type of design would fit our garden scheme.

We find it difficult – and I am sure many of you also feel this way – to try andincorporate all aspects of sustainable and permaculture principles – not just focused on one or few fields. Some days it’s like we are pulled into zillions of different directions and it seems like this slows our progress down a bit.


Last few days have been spent trying to find a plan online for a DIY grey water system that operates in a cellar – with no luck so far. Might have to purchase:Create an Oasis with Grey Water and see what plans are offered. First, I’ll call around to bookstores in the area to see if they carry the title.

Update: The plumbing problem is fixed – everything’s back to normal.

Weather Report: HOT HOT HOT

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