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On Saturday and Sunday, some of the PTF crew were out in the community exhibiting at LA’s two-day Eco Maya festival and they met some really wonderful people. As a result, PTF was offered to bea part of many exciting propositions (co-ops, charter schools, biodiesel refinery and so on). Which to choose? … choices, decision, choices….

The biodiesel display was a success and attracted lots of interest. The folks from the LA Eco Village were there and were interested in starting a similar biodiesel operation at their place.

They told us that they were so enthralled with JD’s wonderfully designed chicken coop/area that they built a similar one for their chicken after seeing ours back in January. They also mentioned thatthey are wanting to acquire ducks and expand their garden – inspired by our example.


Speaking of chickens and ducks, this spring wemiss the anticipation of new arrivals to our homestead. Last year was the ducklings and the year before that, chicks – so, it’s a bit sad.

But a fellow newbie homesteader and her family in the area are the proud parents of a flock of ducklings and have been getting ducky advice fromMiss Doolittle (JM) as we like to call her. 😉 Having gone through it all and having been anxious new parents ourselves once, we are glad to have the opportunity to help others start their little animal farms.

We would really love to have some pigmy goats and sheep – oh, not to mention more types of chickens and ducks. Dream, dream, dream….

Springtime means that some of the chickens are broody.  So it’s off the to broody pen, for these gals — where they pace and cluck like a derange lunatics.

The ducks however view the whole scene with utter contempt and aloofness – they don’t have any broody tendencies…. thankfully!


The other day, while stopping at a light near the Post Office, a big black Ford F150 pulled alongside us. Of course, in true California style, we each had our windows rolled down. The young man driving the car caught JD’s eye and asked, “corn oil?” –referring to the biodiesel magnetic sign we now have onthe car. After affirming we were running on vegetable oil, a short conversation ensued between JD and him about biodiesel and performance… and then the light turned green.

The guys had to change the filter again on the BioBurban. It looks like we’ll run through a couple more on our way to running B100. 16 years worth of crud, gunk, or whatever, needs to be flushed out.


Was it only last week that we had a cold front move through with showers? You wouldn’t know it from the drastic swing across the temperature pendulum! The past three days have been hot – I mean we’re talking about temps nearing 100 degrees here in the valley! Yikes!  The plants are in shock. JC had to water them down early yesterday morning.

The tomatoes on the other hand are huge – over four feet tall and enjoying the hot temps. Strawberries are ripening and we love eating them raw or in a fruit bowl topped off with some homemade granola.


On Saturday morning the plumbing in the house started acting (er backing) up – sink, tub, toilets. It’s an old house and problems like this are expected — two other neighbors had plumbing contractors come in and fix the line to the sewer recently.

Today, the guys are working on that. Hopefully it’s not too bad and something we can fix ourselves.   Outhouses are sure looking awfully good right now! No, really!   All quips aside, it’ll help speed up plans for installing a compost toilet and grey water system in (shooting for sometime in early summer).

Weather Report: Blazing hot.

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