Yesterday it was a nice, sunny & breezy — Spring sweater weather type day.

Last evening JR, JD and I went to gather some grease. The drums weren’t full, but we got a couple gallons. The guys fashioned a drill pump so it’s less of a yucky, slimy mess. This source, being a caterer is less reliable then say a burger joint which fries loads of taters everyday. When I have some time, I’ll have to stop at some local burger joints to at least find a good back up source of grease.

The guys changed the filter on the Bio-Burban since the biodiesel acts like a cleanser – de-gunking the the fuel tank from diesel’s crude.

On the garden front JC spotted a flower stalk on the Ice Cream Banana that’s growing in the chicken/duck area behind the garage! It will be so interesting to watch it fruit and anticipate our first homegrown bananas.   The strawberries blooming and fruiting like crazy – and we’ve been enjoying them.

On Sunday morning, the guys picked up 8 straw bales that were left over from the Earth Day festivities in Pasadena. Nothing compares to the warm, earthy smell of freshly spread straw – the cats immediately took to laying and snoozing on it and some of us did the same!

While clicking and browsing through some of the fave blogs one ( Jamie –great bean dish BTW!) had an interesting post on how the organic market is contaminated and taken over by the BIG THREE !   Did you know that Seeds of Change is now owned by M&M-Mars Candy?

Earlier this year, Seeds of Change, an idealistic company formed in the 1980s to “preserve and spread a diversity of organic seeds through the gritty, caring hands of backyard gardeners,” was bought out by M&M-Mars, Inc, the candy company.read more>>

“If we don’t pay attention to the politics of health food industry then we will shortly not have organics.” –Milo MacTavish, manager, Whole Foods Co-op, Norfolk, VA


Inspired by afellow homesteader’s blog, readers, here’s your chance to ask three questions about the urban homestead or our journey towards self sufficiency, no more no less! 😉

Also, I want to mention, that we are still a bit behind in answering emails. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Weather Report: Cool – nice.

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