Over 15 crafty gals and a guy gathered for PTF’s first Knit/Crochet Out. Thanks to all those who brought delicious food/drink to contribute to the potluck.

Great bunch, wonderful mix of ages ranging from 80 to 8. The older women who were more experienced knitters & crocheters shared tips of the trade with dreamy eyed newbies.

And the question last night on everyone’s lips was “when will we have another one?” Stay tuned!

Janice, Jenny, Jamie, Holly & Betty


Life After the Oil Crash – The End of Suburbia comes to Los Angeles

by Eric Einem (Peak Oil Action)

The beauty of the Pasadena urban farm gave little forewarning of the serious nature of the documentary the guests were about to see. The title of the documentary,“The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream” gives you a good idea of the alarming nature of the subject. The researchers and scientists interviewed discuss how we are now facing what would could be described as the greatest challenge to humanity, and will likely be the greatest catastrophe facing the human species. It is made clear in this documentary that the peak in oil production is a reality, the effect of which we are feeling already with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is our leaders response to the imminent peak in oil production and the oil shortage that will follow.

On Sunday, May 9th, at 6:30 PM, 56 people gathered at Path to Freedom, an urban farm and resource center, to view the documentary. It was a pleasant surroundings with edible flowers, herbs growing in the front yard and vegetable filling most of the backyard. The tables were lit with candles and the ground covered with straw as the guests enjoyed the potluck dinner and socialized. The Path to Freedom founder, Jules Dervaes, and four of his children were very friendly and pleasant and more than willing to answer questions about Path to Freedom, urban farming, bio-diesel and solar panels.

details of additional screenings in the LA area >>>

Weather Report: Warming up.

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