We spent a lovely afternoon yesterday visiting at Mr. Dundon’s place. His place is truly amazing and absolutely beautiful and peaceful. There, you can easily forget that you are surrounded by cars, concrete and other unsightly scars of the city. As Mr. Dundon showed us around and graciously shared with us some of his cuttings and plants with us, he occasionally broke out in little jingles that kept us in stitches. You can’t help but smile, laugh, and be in awe as he goes into spirited rhymes about his ‘Three Mile Pile Isle’ and ‘Flo the scarecrow ain’t no hoe’, ‘ or ‘ Soil to replace oil that will end the turmoil’ and many, many more. You have to be fast in the brain ‘cuz he’s so quick and witty, and sometimes his rhyming leave us in the dust… or our brain overloading!

Weather Report: Hot, temps will be in the 90’s today!

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