Flowering purple kale

The garden is at its peak in Spring production – we’re harvesting strawberries, carrots, green onions, radishes, peas, broccoli and loads of greens, mushrooms, herbs and edible flowers.

We harvested the last of the potatoes yesterday – *sniff*. There is so much lush greens in the yard like Italian red dandelion, different kales, Swiss chard and others that we (and the animals) are unable to eat it all! I’ve asked our customers if they want any – no luck so far. I may have to bring in some samples and sell them on using these leafy veggies.

We hate to see things go to waste – especially these vitamin rich leafy greens (along with the wheatgrass and clover), so we are thinking of buying an electric juicer (cheap off Ebay) to speed up the juicing process that our hand cranked juicer lacks — as these hands don’t have much time these days.

Craving fruit – especially citrus, so we bought some local oranges and tangerines. Speaking of fruit, JM and I made our first yummy strawberry bars of the season! (See June 15th posting) We also love adding them to the salads – tasty!


On a sad note: Our little caterpillar (see March 28 posting) is no longer to be found happily munching on the Angelica.

We last saw it Sunday afternoon and the past couple days we’ve searched high and low for the little bugger, but with no luck — so far. I wonder where it went off to? JD thought that we should have put a netting around the plant – wonder why we didn’t think of that earlier? We still are on the lookout for any sighting…


We are blessed with extra supply of edible flowers, herbs and salad greens this year, so it’s time to pull out the phone books and start calling around for some new clients.

A few, er many, projects look like they’ll have to be temporarily suspended while we work on making a living. One of them, sad to say, may have to be the bees…. 

Just have to get over this rough patch in the journey and hope to see things a bit clearer soon.

Weather Report: Partially sunny.

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