On Monday afternoon, we took a little break from the homestead and went on an outing with a friend to our favorite SoCal beach,Leo Carrillo to celebrate this holy season.

This was the longest journey for the BioBurban and it preformed quite well even over the long winding hwy 23 through the Santa Monica mountains – unfortunately for some of us the long and winding road was a bit nauseating.   But recuperated fine once we reached the beach and were able to breathe in some fresh, salty air.

We arrived just in time for low tide and were able to check out the tide pools. Rolling up our pants we gingerly hopped on rocks and squatted and peered into the tide pools to see what we could spot. Of course there were lots of anemones and starfish and crabs but didn’t have any luck this time finding the little squirting octopus.

After we took a nice long walk along North Beach and enjoyed the sand, sun and salty air – clearing the mind of all troubled thoughts and worries.   We then found our favorite cove and settled in for a late afternoon picnic. JC, JR and JM were “brave” enough to go out into the chilly Pacific for a swim and wave jumping. They had a blast, though never mind they came out of the water shaking like a leaf and a bit purple!

With the fresh, salty air and cold water everyone worked up quite an appetite and demolished the food dishes.

Never miss a sunset…

One can’t leave the beach without witnessing a sunset, though at Leo Carrillo it’s a bit of a windy and chilly experience (and memorable) there on “sunset rock.”


Yesterday afternoon, we visited theAudubon Center at Debs Park located in the Arroyo area on the outskirts of LA (not but 10 min from our house). The park is free to the public and is bird and butterfly sanctuary in the midst of the the tightly packed housing in the Highland Park area — a rare remnant of natural native habitat.

The center itself is rare in that it’s made of completely green materials along with solar panels and a grey water filtration system. Patty, a teacher at the center, was kind enough to give us a tour of the “green” facilities and were were able to get some ideas for projects here on at the homestead.

We also walked and hiked a bit on the trails and were interested at looking at the native plants and trying to see how many we could spot and name. JM spotted a lovely dark bluish/purpleCalifornia lilac bush – the darkest variety we’ve seen.. We did see a few varieties of birds, they were a couple of red-tailed hawks circling gracefully in the air and we heard lots of song birds singing their hearts out.

This center opened only last Fall, and we really didn’t know what to expect this being our first time and were pleasantly surprise and impressed at this innovated urban center – a great place for children of all ages to learn about and experience the native habitat of the Los Angeles area.

It was great to have had a chance to explore the natural beauty of our state.

On a side note…Say it ain’t so Dylan? “Mr. Anti-establishment” in a VS (nope not voluntary simplicity) lingerie commercial???? The times they are really a changin’…

Weather Report: Partially sunny.

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