It’s a wonderful morning, dews on the plants and grass and misty grey shroud of fog are floating in the air.

We’ll be getting a long awaiting load of oak mulch ! The three loads we received last year are fairly decomposed and new mulch is sorely needed.

The strawberries are blooming like crazy and we picked our first small handful the other day. Already dreaming of harvesting loads of the delicious berries and making culinary delights.

Today we will be having a large meslcun salad with fresh lettuces and greens topped with snow peas and strawberries from the garden along with a sprinkling of nuts and garbanzo beans (store bought).

The tomatoes are certainly enjoy the heat, along with the beans, corn, cukes and squash. On the other-hand the tender green crops are going flowering and soon to be going to seed. So, the guys are buys planting seeds to continue the succession plantings and rotation of beds and containers.


The street median is looking very bright and cherry with it’s mass of California poppies and assortment of many varieties of wildflowers.

Did you know that the white milky sap of California Poppy is a non-addictive alternative to the Opium Poppy?

Visited the nursery across the street and the talk is the heat and lack of rain. Everyone there is predicting a long drought season.


The sweet woodruff is growing like crazy and should be blooming in a month or so.

Once this mass of green blooms, I’m planning on makingMay Wine. A lady who came to pick up some magazines gave it overwhelming rave review.

The lemon verbena’s sprouting as all are the perennial and annual herbs. Going to make it a point to dry more herbs this year – using the rafters of the garage.

For those of you who emailed us (so enjoy hearing from our readers!), we are a bit behind in our correspondence. We will be answering as soon as we can. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Weather Report: Bit cooler

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