We had our own version of March Madness here on the homestead and things are finally – but slowly – getting back to some semblance of “normal.”

It’s scary to realize how much we (techno neophytes) rely on this modern gadget (the computer). This box has certainly trapped us… WHY I AM NOT GOING TO BUY A COMPUTER by Wendell Berry

more from Mr. Berry:

…apart from its own highly specialized standards of quantity and efficiency, “technological progress” has produced a social and ecological decline.

Sooo peaceful…

…The question of how to end or reduce dependence on some of the technological innovations already adopted is a baffling one. At least, it baffles me.

…Implicit in the technological revolution from the beginning has been a new version of an old dualism, one always destructive, and now more destructive than ever.

…A computer destroys the sense of historical succession, just as do other forms of mechanization.

…We are going to have to learn to give up things that we have learned (in only a few years, after all) to “need.”

(excerpted from Feminism, the Body, and the Machine by Wendell Berry)


It was really hot yesterday (nearing 100˚ degrees in some places around the Southland). And gas prices are climbing with the temperature.  CA declared its first power emergency….. all is not well in LA LA land…

There are a little bits of musings on Pasadena circulating the web that we found interesting (hat tipGreen Gabro)

Brett states: And if you’re staying near Old Town, I wouldn’t be walking at night north of that area:-) Not too long back it was known as the “ghetto” and frequented by the bangers. Good luck:)

Hmmm, we live in the “north” aka the “ghetto” and are quite happy here. We moved here during the time Brett states as “not too long back” and have seen the changes over the years. Northwest Pasadena has been recently bestowed the name of “East Arroyo” (Hotey-totey!) and is the hip place to be! The rundown once ‘ghetto’ houses are being snapped up for exorbitant prices… what a change!

Although, we have to say that the Rose City’s shining “crown” is becoming a bit drab.

The congestion on streets (stay off Lake around noon!) is getting worse by the day and the new construction is just awful – no green space, just max out the lot and cram in as much as you can. Old Town is just one big outdoor mall and a place to be seen. Unfortunately, as nice as it could be (with some considerate management), I advise to avoid at all costs!

Weather Report: HOT!

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