Last night’s dinner was a delicious meal of potatoes and a spring salad — allfresh from the garden. Yummy!  The potatoes were the best ever andmelt-in-your-mouth delicious! We would love to have a bit more space to squeeze in a few more tubs of potatoes.  

…. speaking of space, we had a visitor to the garden yesterday who ask if we would want to take advantage of more growing space and the answer was of course YES! He also was amazed as the amount of food generated (3 tons) from a 1/10th of an acre and just doing mathematical calculations – would one ace yield 30 tons he wondered? That’s something we’d love to try our hand out to see if this revolutionary theory is correct. So, who knows what the future will hold.

However, we can’t really spend time thinking of the future too much as realityhijacks any attention to the many tasks and present concerns at hand. Oneconcern is the heat! Yesterday the temperature set a record heat high, so the hot weather continues. Once the sizzling concrete in the backyard is finally torn out, JD is planning to put in a rainwater collection cistern that might help us with thewater bills during these months.

The garden is certainly filling in and new buds are exploding everywhere. The birds are singing and the sky is blue – what a wonderful sight to behold as we watch nature herald a new season.


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JD, JC, and JR went to the local hardware store yesterday to pick up some lumber to finish the paneling the garage and start work on the bee hive boxes.   We all can’t wait to go back to keeping bees once again.

I’m sure it will bring back memories(some good, some painful! ouch!) Sheesh, I can’t remember the last time anyone of us has been stung by a bee, though we all our fair share back years ago when JD was a beekeeper. 😉


We are hashing out the dates and topics for PTF’s “Backyard Self-Sufficiency Series” of workshops and get-togethers.

If you are interested in assisting us or participating please view our ‘Outreach‘ page.

Also, if you are able to assist us in obtaining some of these listed items below, or know of places where we can buy them for a reasonable price, pleasecontact us.

Folding Tables

Folding Chairs

Working Projection Equipment

Slideshow Projector

Digital Projector

Microsoft Powerpoint Software

Small PA System

Wireless lapel and handheld microphone

Educational Videos, Books, Magazines   << view Amazon wish list.>>

Display Equipment


Thanks to all who have generously contributed items from our “wish list.” We are extremely grateful to you. We plan to continue the “giving circle.”

Weather Report: HOT! 

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