Our first ever seed swap and get together was a success – so we gathered from enthusiastic participants comments. But wealways want to improve so we’re asking those who attended to contribute anythoughts on the event.   Any comments on how the swap could have been organized better????

We have to admit that we were a bit disappointed on our part of the deal as we knew we really didn’t promote this event and get the word out as we should have (being preoccupied with other things).

We hadn’t been to a seed swap before (primarily done most of our swapping online atGardenWeb)… Oh wait… come to think of it, last year at the EcoFarm Conference we did attend one seed swap — if you can call it that!!! It was more like seed GRAB!   There were a lot of pushing and shovingand suddenly it became apparent that you had to throw your seeds on the table and run for dearlife!!! YIKES!  It was a mad stampede! Never seen anything like that before – what is that crazed feeling that overtakes people when there’s lots of seeds to be gotten? Must be a diagnosed syndrome somewhere as we often catch this “frenzied fever” 😉

We wanted a bit more order and civility for our first swap. So, ya’ll… how did you think we did?

We had a great bunch of around 15 people from the community. Everyone had a blast! It was wonderful to have gotten a chance to meet some new people and some of our readers. We enjoyed meeting and fellowshipping with all of you!

Thanks for coming and contributing some great food and drink for the “munchies table.” Happy planting everyone!

Weather Report: Cooler.

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  1. Sherilyn says:

    I wasn’t around for this great event so I have no idea how the seeds were swapped. I picture lots of little packets people made up with a few seeds in each with a nicely hand-printed label about the seed, what it is and any helpful hints that would boost the seed along to a great harvest.
    I think it’d be great if anyone had extra chicks, ducklings, etc. to bring to pass on to homes that need them for eggs as these are the people who are interested in becoming self-sufficient.
    I look forward to the nest event of this type. 🙂

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