Moonshadow & Sierra are the cutest and friendliest rabbits we know (OK so wejust may be a little biased…). But they absolutely love to be petted and give everyone that drops by their little world “bunny kisses” (licking ours andeveryone’s hands and faces like a dog would).

When you walk near their home they run up towards the enclosure entrance, hoping that you’llstop and give them some lovin’. It’s almost pathetic.

Now, that it’s nice and warm they love to spend their days hanging out with the other ladies (our duckies and chickies).

Moonshadow & Sierra (givin’ araspberry — yep, she’s stickin’ her tongue out)


On Saturday afternoon, we brought alonga friendand went to visit Tim Dundon. We spent a relaxing afternoon among the chickens, ducks and geese under the cool green canopy of trees and discussed world events and the power of life.   Tim spoke to the “philosophy” of compost – how something that is dead and decomposed is the power behind new life and re-birth. He also talked of the unity of coming together.  Jules spoke of how we are here on earth to be stewards and how disconnected we have become in this technological age. It was a very inspiring afternoon.

Weather Report: Cooler.

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