To accomplish great things we must not only act but dream. Not only plan, but also believe. ~ Anatole France ~

It was a scorcher yesterday! Temps at 1 pm were near 95 (24 degrees above normal)! That kind of heat is unusual for this time of year.

And it’s going to another hot day today. Already it’s a shock from the nice cool rain we had — was it only last week?

We thought that we might not have to water the garden so much early in the year but the heat has made some of the plants droop. Even though we are tempted to run to the rescue of plants we hold back a bit to let the plants “fend for themselves” as much as we can. Basically it’s the survival of the fittest and it is a struggle between letting nature take it’s course and intervening.

Gas prices are seeming continuing to soar along with the temperature (note a fellow Pasadenian’s musings). Reports on the local news say that gas prices are expected to hit $3.00! Will America have lines like in the late 1970’s???

We are certainly blessed to have gotten a diesel (to be biodiesel) car just in time!

There’s now a rise in interest for alternative fuels due to the exorbitant cost of gas. Come to think of it, even though our VW was a bit of a pain in limiting where we could drive and how often, it certainly gave us good practice for not using the car as much as possibleand combining deliveries and errands.

Yesterday JC potted up the heirloom tomato seedlings. Already we’re anticipatingour first taste of homegrown tomatoes – can’t wait! Now with the warm temps we will be planting beans, cucumbers and squash. Have to finish all this computer work and get outside!!!!

Speaking of seeds, please join us here at Path to Freedom, Sunday March 14th for our first (hope to be annual) SEED SWAP.

The past couple days have been a blur with all the prep going into the mixer. The monthly PTF newsletter, unfortunately is starting to become bi-monthly. We hope to have the latest issue out soon. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Weather Report: HEAT WAVE – Temps in the 90’s!!!!

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