It was a nice, warm sunny day for a gathering…

Sunday’s mixer was a success with over 55 attendees from all over the Southland. We had people from Oxnard to Yucaipa – ages 9 to 90! There was such an enthusiastic response that we didn’t have enough room for all that called (or emailed) so there are 20 more people that are on the “waiting” list to attend our next mixer.

Smaller “hands on workshop” for those interested in learning to make homebrewed biodiesel (Something similar to what they have going on inNorthern California) are in the works for the coming months ahead.

So, for those of you who came to the mixer we will be contacting you soon with our workshop schedule, including one on learning to make biodiesel using Maria Alovert’s Fumeless Water Heater Processor. STAY TUNED!

Jules gave an excellent presentation on the benefits and options of this alternative fuel source along with a brief demo of how to make homebrewed biodiesel using the water heater processor. For this event, JM and I put together a small 10 page “Introduction to Biodiesel.”

I think what is unique about these events here at PTF – they are set in a “real” setting – in a backyard and garage. There’s a nice feeling about the wholesituation, especially as people can see this homebrewing set up in a real-life setting.

Thanks to all that donated the delicious food and other items like videos, cups, herbs, and a wonderful homemade candle. We really appreciate it! And for those of you who generously donated some money — it will go towards hosting more community workshops and help cover printing costs. Everyone’s support was greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!! 

Weather Report: HEAT WAVE – Temps in the 90’s!!!!

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