Miss Clementine

Enjoy the photos of a few of our kooky animals!

These little critters are such a blessing to have and as I mentioned in previous posts, they each have their own quirky personality. Besides being practical and beautiful, they are such a blast to sit and watch.

I know JM would love to add to our little menagerie with goats or sheep (not to mention her dream to have a horse or two, or three… of her own) but we really don’t have the room on our urban homestead for that type of animal.

Especially since we like our pets to have ample space and not be penned in. So she’ll just have to keep reading and dreaming about them for sometime..


More rain fell on the Southland yesterday afternoon and into the night – a blessing! Let’s hope more rainy storms drop on by. We can use all the water we can get for the summer months.

After six plus months of searching and insanity, we finally settled on a diesel car and bought it yesterday! It’s an ’88 Chevy Suburban – or should I say BioBurban???

It was a hard decision to make and many nights and days of praying, indecision and trepidation were spent as this car is not exactly what we wanted. It is really “not us” and is not the simple vehicle we hoped for but the pluses outweighed the superficial minuses and we should be grateful for that as it “fell into our laps.”

We knew of this car months ago when it was first offered to us and even tried to avoid buying it but it persisted.   There is nothing wrong with the suburban; the engine is excellent, it runs beautiful, the body is very nice, the price was surprisingly reasonable for its condition — it’s a really appealing vehicle. The previous owner took excellent care of it and upgraded a lot of its original features. It looks practically new even though it is a 16 year old car. The original paint is in good shape. That in itself makes it a rare find.

So, after seeing so many other rundown rusted cars with elevated prices, we finally went back to this one. It has a lot of luxury extras we really didn’t want and that was the main reason we avoided it. We like simple cars but we couldn’t deny that it was a great find!

We are relieved that the endless searching is over. Now we just have to sort of … ah … adapt it to reflect more of our free spirit urban hippy lifestyle. 🙂

So why did we decide on a suburban anyway? Well we needed something big enough to carry at least our large family of five comfortably to places we want to go — camping, mountains, beach, traveling, etc and still be able to bring some friends along.   And we also needed the room to fit in our display items to bring to conferences, events, festivals, etc.   In addition, we needed adequate cargo space to pick up lumber and items that we are going to need to work on finishing the garage and then one day start on the house.

So because of the passenger needs, we had to rule out a truck, and because of space needs we had to rule out station wagons. A passenger van would have been great for us too but we never found one of quality condition like the suburban we now own.

We are going to miss our “sweet pickle” VW van *sniff* It will be like losing a friend.   If we had a large piece of property we’d park it out back and maybe turn it into something useful. Poor thing can only be sold as parts because the previous owner tampered with the EGR valve and it’s consider illegal (unbeknownst to us when we bought it). Anyhow, long story – but we have a car that we can now start to run on biodiesel.

BUt we have a few things to do before putting in B100 (100% biodiesel) as biodiesel really gives the tank a good cleansing. So there are filters to buy and then it’s B-Day!

DYK? Biodiesel fuel is non-toxic and biodegradable, posing no threat to human health. It is ten times less toxic than table salt.

We’ll have to come up with some sort of way to let other motorists know that we aren’t a dirty diesel guzzlin’, black smoke, polluting car. JD and JM will be designing some sort of logo for a sign(s) that we hope to put on the car.

For those coming to the Biodiesel Mixer,please read our schedule for that night. The mixer was announced on KPFK radio – so, hopefully, we are going to have a great turnout!

Weather Report: Wet & cool

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