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It’s a lovely day today. The sun’s out, skies are blue, air’s fresh and clean.  The rain seems to have hastened the decomposition of the wood chips in the driveway and garden pathways. So we’ve been calling local tree trimmers to see if they have a load of oak or conifer tree trimmings.

Apple blossoms

White button mushrooms


JC & JR rigged up some plastic 55 gallon “barrels” (that we get free from a local car wash) to catch the rain off the roof – from the latest storm. We gathered a total of three and a half barrels of rain water.   The roof was pretty clean from any containments from the previous storm we had earlier in the week.


of white mushrooms this year!


This morning,JD & JR brought out their new improvedsun oven for a “trial run” and so far so good! It’s not even 9:00 am and the temperature gauge in the oven reads over 225º. And it is a cool 60º winter’s morning – not bad!   Their goal is to get this homemade oven to over 450º

They made a few improvements – painting the entire inside black, adding more insulation in between the inner and outer wooden box (using layers of cardboard wrapped in foil), using old inner tube tires from JC’s and JR’s bike part collection as a seal around the oven door and a “swinging tray” that holds the pot/pans to keep certain foods from spilling when tilting the oven.

They also rigged up a “tilt” system on the cart (made from some old plywood and bike wheels) to obtain optimum angles to catch the rays from the sunshine. The oven weighs “a ton” so having it on a cart makes it easy to wheel in and out of the garage and now with the “tilt” system (before we used wood to prop the oven) it’s going to make it even easier to use.

JD also going to put in some sort of “racks” so that we can cook more items like a regular oven. More improvements to come!

Weather Report: Sunny

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