Dutch clover

We are having problems publishing to our webserver as our publishing software (Microsoft) hasthrown a “tizzy-fit” so JM is having to publish updates through the “back door.”

Meanwhile, the planting rush is on! The annual spring bug which brings ona frenzy of mass plantings has struck again and we are its victims. Poor,poor us… *grin*

JC couldn’t restrain himself and bought some new tomato varieties — somethinghe promised not to do.   Does anyone have any remedies for tomato addiction? One possible solution could be to hide catalogs once they come in…

Healso started some eggplants the other day and they’ve already come up! The plants seem happy in this weather and so does most of thegarden. I think the sense of spring is affecting everything — in a goodway!

There’s “tons” of ladybugs and theirlarvae nesting in the nasturtiums growing along the south facing fence line and a small number of wild bees have been spotted on the apple blossoms. The chickens’ egg production has increased and themale sparrows are sprouting their courtin’ feathers.

JD hasn’t been immune to the springplanting bug either. He’s ordered some new herbs fromRichter’s as we had some credit froma previous order last year.   And sincethe large messy date palm was removed, we have more room so we got some special plants and seeds that we can tuck into the edible landscaping in the front.

We’re hoping that we’ll see an increase in some yields this year as the topsoil is definitely improving throughout the yard. With every shovelfulof dirt overturned, it’s almost a sure bet that you’ll unearth many large wigglyearthworms – a good sign!

Too late, we’ve realizedthat it would have been nice to have saved the soil we used to have in a glass jar to compare to what we have now. The “soil”.. er … dirt we started out this project on was grayish and “fly away.” And it was a challenge to water that stuff – it was so depleted that it repelledwater and the water ran off it like it was oil.

Anothermassive storm doused the Southland last night – more rain today, tomorrow and possibly until Saturday. Whoopee!

Lots of things to do… first to finish knitting some baby gifts for a friend’s baby shower…

Weather Report: Wet, cool

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