JM and I did some baking for the knitting group yesterday and made a chocolate cake (topped by chocolate cherry frosting) with fresh duck eggs. It was a hit! Everyone loved it!

I believe we’ve become spoiled baking with our duck eggs as it really makes the desserts turn out delectably moist and fluffy. You can tell the difference when you beat (yep – by hand! Crank up those arm muscles!) the batter – best I can describe it is that the batter “bounces” back and looks almost creamy. Duck eggs are the best!

Yummy chocolate cake


Since I’m on the topic of knitting class … yesterday we were told that there may be an opportunity for JM and me to assist our knitting guru in hosting a program that the city might announce for the summer – teaching teens to knit. Betty (our teacher and knitting whiz) was really excited over the possibility and I do hope, for her sake, that the library’s board of directors really do what they say. I’m tired of seeing people being disappointed by promises never fulfilled.


Tim Dundon came over yesterday for a visit and a chat.   He is still struggling with the many disappointments in his life and was fed up with the whole system. On top of that he wasn’t feeling well, having been ill the last few days.

With our new digital camcorder, we had wanted to make a small documentary of his place and ours last summer. But we got so busy with other things such as the ongoing car problems, the solar installation saga, etc, etc,…

It’s hard, especially since we are new at this sort of thing and learning how to operate the whole process on your own takes time. JM really wants to make a documentary but the editing software we invested in is top-notch professional and is over her head as she is a beginner to the whole idea. It’s taking much longer to learn in the sparse spare time she has. I guess we took on more than we can handle right about now but it would be so nice if we could do more especially for our friends.

Spores a’ spreading


The mushrooms spores are looking good – so far! We don’t want to count mushrooms before they “sprout” but the spores are really spreading like crazy in the compost mix.

Through trial and error, JC is learning how much water these fellas like – fungi like to be wet, but not too wet and he has to be on guard and not let them dry out.

So, perhaps we shall have some fresh mushrooms soon?


Today we had overcast skies for most of the morning and early afternoon and then a freak lightening storm that blew in around 1 PM. Lightening storms are rare around these parts and the ones that we do have are usually up in the mountains, so when a lightening storm parks itself right above this area… it’s quite a story to tell.

JD and I were shopping in a local hardware store in South Pasadena for a few items while JM decided to wait in the car in the parking lot and catch up on her reading and music theory lessons.

Soon after, the storm began to brew with heavy rain falling from the sky and those of us in the store could hear rumblings of thunder in the distance. Suddenly, a bright light lit up the front of the store and a huge “POW!” shook the building as though a bomb exploded and the windows rattled like in a strong earthquake.

Immediately I thought to myself – “that [lightening] just struck in the parking lot, how the heck is [JM]?”

I ran to the front of the store to see people just staring in amazement and shock and saw JM hurriedly trying to get out of the car to come into the safety of the building. JM and a clerk – who was outside loading stuff in front of the store at the time of the strike but was further away than JM – said the lightening had struck the light pole four parking spaces to the right from our VW and then must have somehow arched (?) over the car and hit the light pole just to the left of our car.

JM then said she dove to the floor as the sliding car door popped open and all she saw in that same moment was a huge white light and her ears were ringing (thought to herself that perhaps she was dead or that something terrible had happened). The clerk who saw it all was mumbling (and running his hand nervously through his hair) out loud that he never been this close to lightening ever before, even in the Sierra-Nevada mountains where the weather is so unpredictable. He and JM were visibly shaken.  JM looked as if she’d seen a ghost.

Such a big lightening strike(s) that it was a “top weather” story on our local news this evening. One of the strikes touched down in a South Pas neighborhood shattering windows in homes and splitting a large eucalyptus tree – everyone was pretty shook up.

JM (though has a minor headache)  reports that so far, she has not had any clairvoyant abilities nor has attracted any magnets. LOL 😉


More rain is expected this weekend (whoohoo) – the plants certainly enjoyed the little shower we had the other day. They look so much perkier and have considerably grown overnight.   The kale and greens are really looking lovely and filling out the beds. Spring is just around the corner!

Weather Report: Cold and gloomy with a slight chance of rain.

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