George came over on Sunday and he may have solved the problem with the water heater processor not heating up the oil to the proper temperature. Something might have been amiss with the thermostat. So, perhaps today we’ll stop by and pick up more more waste grease and heat up another batch.


Also on Sunday, a couple residents from the LA Eco Village came over for a tour to take notes and ideas as they seem they want to, and are planning to, copy what we are doing here at PTF over at the LA Eco Village.

From what I can gather through personal experience and by reading emails and postings that are among the “eco-sustainable community”, I’m getting the sense that there are all these people or groups sparsely scattered throughout the Southland who are spinning separately and not pulling together as a whole. No real sense of cohesiveness.


A “Pineapple Express” (tropical storm) is heading our way — supposedly tomorrow, and should bring a much needed rain. We are praying that it materializes as we desperately need that rain.

The tomatoes that JC planted are up! But it’s still a wait on the peppers. As usual they take their sweet time. Speaking of sweet…. the sweet basil seeds are up along with our fourth succession planting of greens and snow peas. In just a few weeks it’ll be time to plant the “fab four” summer crops – corn, beans, squash and cukes.

Currently we’re harvesting lots of lovely green onions – so we splurged and bought some organic potatoes at the market to make a spring green onion soup. We made a big pot of it and have been eating that for the last couple days.

We ordered some more bare-root (Sea Scape) strawberries, hoping that we could tuck them in the landscape underneath hedges, use them for a ground cover and possibly sell the berries come early summer to some of our clients who are bakers.

Fortunately or unfortunately (maybe a blessing in disguise?) we got way more than we had ordered, the lady taking my order must have misunderstood me and silly me I forgot to ask her to repeat the order. Sheesh, I hate that when the brain decides to take a brief siesta. So, now we have extra strawberries!

JD and JC potted them up in some extra 4″ pots that we had laying around and we hope that we can sell them (the plants) too. Any extra $$ sure helps support our homestead dreams.

There’s still lots of “trouble spots” to get a handle on – mostly around the house and driveway area. But we’re taking it slowly as the work needing to be done now is hardscaping and we don’t want to do anything hasty that we will regret.


We are still getting spam from “ourselves” when we check our mail. Makes me so upset on seeing mail being sent by “” to be indecent. Wish we could stop and track down these people (putting it mildly there) who hijacked our email and name to spam others.

So, “we” are continuing to be blacklisted… don’t know when this will stop. We tried calling our internet service provider and they say that there is nothing they can do…

Weather Report: Nice warm day

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