With our business we rarely get to see the finished products from the edible flowers and herb garnisheswe provide to caterers. We sell a lot ofthose specialty items especially now that Spring and Summer is around the corner.

But this morning, one of our clients (who is a very talented cook and baker) sent us a photo of the wedding cake she made over the weekend for a reception she was catering andwhich she decorated with edible flowers.

The roses aren’t ours (not the season just yet!) but the greens, pastel pansies and the petal fetti on the table is. No fancy colored frostings; just simple and very lovely.

Edible flower wedding cake


In the Saturday paper there was a small, but interesting blurb printed:

U.S. cities have been built on the most fertile soil in the country, lessening the contributions of these lands to the food web and human agriculture, according to a NASA study.

Though cities account for just 3% of U.S. continental land area, the land they occupy could produce as much food as the 29% of land area now used for agriculture.

The loss of fertile soil increase the pressure for production on less fertile soil, leading to overuse of fertilizers and other detrimental effects, the study said.

Just another point reiterating the need for an urban ag revolution – food not lawns!

King of Compost


A depressing chain email came today from the So Cal Permaculture Guild mailing list (below) about our friend Tim. We knew he was going through a low valley in life’s journey, but we hope he can rebound.

He came over a few weeks ago and was really depressed and JD tried to cheer him up a bit but he’s having a tough go at things now.

We can definitely empathize with what he is going through, as we, too, have had similar experiences. People say they’ll do this or that and make offers they never keep. We never hear from them again. It’s like being on a wild roller coaster ride of emotion, you are high and then so low.

And then there’s the time where people just take, take and take (take advantage of us – our knowledge or work) We’ve just been used and it leaves us with a bitter taste in our mouths.   We often go through periods of seriously contemplating “shutting down” the public aspect of PTF. Thankfully we have our family, while Tim has none.

So, if you know of Tim, please send him a line….

Hello compost appreciators,

My friend Tim Dundon (aka Zeke the Sheik) is well known (perhaps infamous) for his two-story compost pile in Altadena. Lately his life has been taking him on a wild ride. He’s gotten really excited about several projects people have proposed then really depressed when they didn’t follow through.

If you know Tim or are familiar with his work please take a moment to call him or send him a letter to voice your appreciation. He’s about ready to throw in the towel and sell his land to the cemetery next door. That would be a frightening metaphor for the state of our movement in Southern California.

~ JOAN ~

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