“Don’t let it get away!”

The past couple of days have been beautiful and the weather promises even more glorious sunshine this week. Yesterday, I spent the day sitting in the warm sun, making soil blocks and planting pepper and basil seeds. Today, JC and I will plant another round of tomatoes as already the first seedlings has started coming up.

Nights are still very cool – every morning there’s still a light layer of frost on the ground. Weird how much the weather changes and drops some 40 or so degrees at night.


The guys bubble-washed the biodiesel twice and tinkered with the water heater processor. So now we have over 30 gallons of biodiesel- and just need a car to put it in. We’re still working on that…..

JD gave the lemon verbena its annual pruning. That lemon verbena is the highlight of the yard – JD does an excellent job in giving it its wonderful shape.

We reached a small milestone, in that we’ve now “banked” some extra kwh hours! Yesterday the panels made over 7.7 kwh – the highest yet! It’s great to know that now we’ve produced enough for our household needs and are storing up some reserves (for a rainy day). Hey, quick – plug in some new electrical appliances or gadgets. Just kidding!

This new year we’ve also opted for the Green Electricity Plan from PWP. That means what we bank during the day to use during the night will come from back to us from a green source.

JM and I have been busy clickin’ away during some free hours – knitting and crocheting to use up the stash of yarn that continues to grow (thanks to the generosity of our knitting teacher) So farwe’ve finished a poncho, a couple scarves, already started on two sweaters, almost finished another cardigan and have requests from the guys for some new hats.

I’ve also been contacting people to see whether or not they’d be interested in teaching workshops of somesort here at PTF this Spring and Summer. So, far haven’t had any responses back. I’m still hoping!

Weather Report: Sunny and warm..

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