Along with brewing batches of biodiesel (we still have lots to learn), the guys are also brewing up some compost tea.

Compost tea is known to improve harvest production and disease resistance. Right now is a good time to “tea” everything in the yard now that the soil is wet from recent rains and will absorb the compost brew like a sponge.

Tea Time!

Today, JC remarked that this year we’ll have enough soil on this property to fill our needs! Whoohoo! All we need to purchase is some peat or perlite to “fluff” up the soil a bit. The soil is piling up so high behind the chicken coop and is rich, dark, and loaded with wriggling earthworms! The chickens, ducks and rabbits are certainly earning their keep. This soil’s going to be great for tomatoes and peppers! The best soil we’ve had!

Biodiesel’s certainly in the news a lot these days…

There’s an article in the Feb issue of WHOLE LIFE TIMES titled FAST FOOD FUEL. There’s a great quote by Kent Bullard, an environmental activist, stating:

“Biodiesel should be viewed as just one tool in our sustainable or green tool box. Along with conservation, reduction, use of renewable energy and recycling, biodiesel can reduce our environmental impact.”


Many times people have commented on how “healthy” our plants look and ask us what do we do. The response? “Healthy soil is the key to healthy plants.”  Plants are susceptible to disease just like humans, so building up nutrients in the soil is vital to the welfare and health of the plants and humans — and is on-going project for us here on the homestead.


Another FAQ is; “do you have a problem with bad pests?” For a few years it was a battle between the “good bugs” and “bad bugs.” And for quite some time it looked hopeless as the bad bugs were winning. But, it was not to last! The past few years we’ve seen an increase in lady bugs, praying manti (this year especially, loads of egg cases are spotted in the yard – counted over 50 so far!) and birds. So now, there’s a nice balance – during certain monthswe still have problems with aphids, but no massive infestation.


The nighttime temps turned a bit chilly once again! Now, before going to bed the guys have to cover the susceptible plants.

The planting pace is picking up, it’s time to go out and enjoy the sunshine and getour hands dirty.

Weather Report: Partly sunny and windy.

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