We are already busy planning another biodiesel shindig on March 7th. Along with our 1st (to be annual) Seed Swap held on March 14. JM will be setting up a online calendar of upcoming events.

If anyone wants to volunteer, pleasecontact me. THANKS!


Speaking of biodiesel,JD has some nifty improvements to make the water heater biodiesel processor even more compact! But….

Unfortunately, we are encountering some problems with heating up the oil. For some reason, yesterday, when we tried heating a batch of 20 gallons of waste oil – the water heater didn’t heat.

We turned it on at 9am and at 9pm, 10 hours later, the temperature gauge hadn’t even moved past 90 degrees. What’s up with that?   The other night when we heated the 10 gallons, it took less than 2 hours, so you’d figure 20 gallons would be about 4 — but this is crazyall day and not even heating to 100º

So, today we drained the oil outta the heater and heated it on the stove in the kitchen. Kinda defeated the whole purpose of having the water heater.  Anyhow, the guys have another batch of biodiesel that will be ready to bubble wash in a day or two.

As it stands right now we are all scratching our heads trying to figure out what’s up with the water heater. Any suggestions?

Weather Report: Partly sunny and windy.

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