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Friday night’s Mixin’ Mixer was a surprising success!   Over 50 people visited the event It was an impressive turn-out beyond our expectations, especially for LA as you never know if anyone’s gonna show up.

Many of the “who’s who” in the the world of biodiesel came to the Mixin’ Mixer;Veggie Avenger, Berkley BioDiesel Co-op, Maria Alovert (Girl Mark) fromBerkley Ecology Action Center,Boulder Biodiesel Cooperative,Grassolean,Betty Biodiesel, along with Lois Arkin ofLA Eco Village, Michael ofVenice Co-Op, Nicole Cousino and all the great folks who helped with the processor (George and Kalib).

And last but NOT least, a big thanks to the friends and fans of PTF who showed up. You guys were awesome! We appreciate the encouragement and enthusiasm. 

For those of you who are interested in taking a tour during daylight hours,email me!

And thanks to everyone for coming, contributing those great munchies, and for all your support . All in all, it turned out to be a fantastic get-together!  It was an inspiration to meet everyone – your enthusiasm was contagious! Let’s carry this momentum forward and get some action here in So. Cal….

It looks like the garage is and will be a great meeting place, so we could successfully host more events like Friday night’s.

Hey, if you’d like to see more of these get-togethers, we could use some help in coordinating and arranging such meetings.

There was also expressed interest in wondering if we could process biodiesel to sell to locals who want to use them in their diesel cars. Possibilities, possibilities, possibilities…

Unfortunately, we were unable to attend theconference — though I heard it was a great success ( many biofuel activist including:Josh Tickell andDarly Hannah were on hand)…

Instead all hands were needed here on the homestead to get our major Spring planting of crops started so we could eat and make some income.

Anyhow, there were a lot of ideas bandied about that night… Where do we go from here? Do we have a part in this, can we play an active part in the newly forming biodiesel community?  

Any thoughts and ideas will be appreciated.


We were so looking forward to meeting the inventor (Girl Mark) of this processor on Friday to have her opinion on the system. We wanted to know would it be thumbs up or thumbs down????

The anticipation was intense!

Well, we’re happy to report that she was really impressed with the improvements that were made by JD (thumbs up!). She noted that the modification made over her original design was a bit more compact to be able to fit into a small corner and all in one space. And that by us placing  it on a moveable stand with wheels, it was great to be able to wheel it outside to do the brewing.

Lots of photos were taken of the processor like she was some glamorous model – close ups, all sides and angles. People were really excited over her…  oops, I mean the processor. 😉


Transesterification Can Be Fun: Biodiesel in LA Pasadena’s urban homestead, Path to Freedom, held a biodiesel “Fuel Mixin’ Mixer” last Friday. Biodiesel is a viable, sustainable alternative to petroleum that can be used to run any diesel engine Did you know that Rudolph Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine in 1895, built it to run on peanut oil?Read more >>


Yesterday the pv panels produces over 7 kwh! So, now we are closing the gap – pretty soon we will be storing more than we use!

Weather Report: Cloudy, with a chance of showers

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