Lively discussion               The fumeless processor       George getting the pump going


Yesterday was the day to try out the water heater processor. We were finally going to use this thing after weeks of what seemed like endless test batches. Rolling it the processor into the the open (just in case!) it was time to get started. We had our recipe calculations in hand and it was time to hook her up.

Side note: for some reason a helicopter circled around a few times, we joked among each other that the pilot probably thought we were up to no good, thinking we were making meth or something. 😉  Ah, we were all in a good mood, laughing and cracking wise crack jokes.

First, we had to pump the filtered waste oil (10 gallons) into the water heather, then after the oil was heated to 120º then it was time to pump in the lye/methanol mixture. Then let that stuff mix for about an hour. 

        Here it comes !!!!                  Filling up the buckets                  Biodiesel ya’ll


It was time collect the biodiesel from the heater!   We put some of the biodiesel in a jar and it immediately started separating – the glycerin settling on the bottom. The thing to shoot for is to have the biodiesel look like brand new cooking oil and this batch really looked good — nice, light, clear brown color.

After letting the mixture settle in a 55 gal plastic drum (we got for free from a car wash place) we’ll be bubble washing it come Wednesday — to separate the impurities out. More to come….

Weather Report: Sunny.

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