Yesterday, the PV panels made almost 6 kwh! 5 times more than it had been making on a sunny day! No more having the inverter start blinking around noon, not being able to send the power. Whoohoo!


Nicole, George and Kalib showed up again on Sunday along with two gals who were interested in learning how to make their own biodiesel. We did some more titration tests along with testing certain waste oils that we had collected (determining the “good grease” from the “bad grease” collected from difference sources)

Sheesh, one would have thought grease was grease, but nope, there’s a quite a difference. One determines good vs bad grease using a lye/water reference tester – the more you add the worse the oil is. You want this mixture yellowish, milky mixture to change to pink (good PH indication).

What is bad oil? If the oil takes more 3 ml or less to give the PH 8.5 result it is consider OK. If the oil takes over 5 ml it’s utter crap!  Well, from supplier #1, we used over 10 ml – rejected, pure crap. Supplier #2 less than 1 ml – Bingo! We hit upon some good grease!!!

After a couple hours, it looks like we got the calculations down pat. We also did some more test batches of biodiesel to make sure the mixture was settling properly and so on.

This morning, JC will wash the test batch and see how we did, hoping it doesn’t turn into soap! (Hmmm speaking of soap, once things settle down a bit I’d like to try my hand at making a batch ofCP soap)

Then tonight, the crew will be over to make a large batch using the water heater. We are hoping to get a batch of biodiesel made before Friday nite. The deadline is closing fast….

Not sure how many people will be showing up (should have made it an RSVP event), we hope that “girl mark” (inventor of the fumeless water heater processor) shows to tell us how we are doing.

Weather Report: Nice, sunny day.

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