All we are saying is give grease a chance!

Forget sky-high gas prices, dump the petroleum addiction and Oil Cartels and learn more about clean and renewable biofuels.

Biodiesel is an alternative carbon-neutral, sulfur-free fuel made from recycled vegetable oil and is by far the best alternative fuel option at present. It is renewable, sustainable, domestically produced, and oil dependence free.

For an opportunity to meet biodiesel producers, users and enthusiasts or just folks who are seeking more info and insight into the wonderful world of biodiesel, come along to Path to Freedom’s Mixin’ Mixer, January 30th from 4 – 8 PM.

Food and refreshments will be provided. If you are able, please consider contributing some healthful munchies and non alcoholic drinks.

Please join us at Path to Freedom, an urban homestead,in Pasadena located at: 631 Cypress Ave, Pasadena, Calif. 91103-2905For directions:See map or getdriving directions

For more info and a program for the conference visit

Weather Report: Sunny, nice & pleasant.

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