Last night Nicole brought over her friend Kalib to demonstrate titration. This process helps you know how much lye is needed to go into the batch of waste oil. Carefulness with and respect for these chemicals are needed – just with like making soap. Kalib, in four hours, practically gave us a crash course in chemistry, which was great as we learned the compounds, calibrations, and how the molecules were reacting to each other. By the end of the evening everyone was excited about the possibilities and very much aware of the safety precautions one needs to take (gloves and goggles!) JC mixing lye


This morning, the folks from Common Vision dropped by to see the homestead in action on this first ever veggie fueled Permaculture Design Course. Many of the students came from different parts of the country and it was great to meet them and hear what they are doing or planning to do back in their hometowns. The bus was really neat to see in person. You cannot be in a bad mood or un-positive around it. I guess you could say it radiated “positive vibes.”  Many neighbors on the block came out to check it out. Some even took pictures. Of course, there were quite a few interesting comments, stares and pointing. The FedEx guy, who delivered a package to us, asked me whether this was the “Partridge family or something?” Another woman driving by loudly exclaimed, “my goodness, there’s a VW on top!”  Others wondered out loud is this “some sort of hippy bus.” Our cat Cody was even fascinated; he stood on the sidewalk and stared at it for a better part of 10 minutes! The bus runs onbiodiesel and SVO and it has all the comforts of home inside with bunks, stove, sink and even a small greenhouse with plants growing. Around lunch the staff whipped out a large wok, chopped up some eggplant and sweet potatoes and made lunch on the sidewalk! They ended their time here, sharing their meal with us and having a circle group prayer thanking the Creator and the earth for its wonderful bounty.

  Weather Report: Nice and pleasant.

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