The guys are repainting, adding extra insulation and touching up the sun oven they made two years ago. I’d really love them to make me another one so I can bake many dishes (and desserts) at once.

They are looking at possibly making another one withnew reflective materials sold by Clear Dome. But for now theCookit is doing a good job.


JC who is handy at repairing bikes is working on attaching anold bike frame to our Country Living Grain mill. Grind wholesome grain, gain muscles at the same time!



Pick guitar, fill fruit jar and be gay-oh

Son of a gun we’ll have big fun on the bayou (bio)

Touching on a little bit of our Southern Roots there… me oh my o ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now on a serious note, did you know that 40% of United States’ oil refining capacity lies between Baton Rouge and Houston?

Nicole and a couple of her friends are coming tonight to do Titration – Applied to Biodiesel, titration is the act of determining the acidity of a sample of WVO by the drop wise addition of a known base to the sample while testing with pH paper for the desired neutral pH=7 reading. The amount of base needed to neutralize an amount of WVO determines how much base to add to the entire batch.

On the car search, we may have found a diesel car and we are getting all facts and details together. It wasn’t something that we started looking at – first it was a diesel Mercedes wagon, then a suburban or van.

We actually need three types of cars – one truck for picking up lumber and other salvaged goodies, a little runabout (“putt putt”) for around town and delivering, and a family car. Well, what kinda car is it? Don’t want to count cars before they hatch so stay tuned!

Weather Report: Nice & warm 85ยบ!!!

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