Nicole, JC & Jules        Nicole and George talking with JC        Putting on pump

A couple days ago I posted on theSoCal BioDiesel forum to ask for some opinions on theFuel Meister as our goal this year is to buy a diesel car and fuel it with biodiesel and then perhapsSVO.

Well, besides the jabs at expensive price, the comments weren’t toopositive for theFuel Meister – many were critical of the plastic and so forth.   So, we then figured it was best to DIY. But how?  We are such newbies and reading all the lingo is a bit over our heads… not to mention scary.

Then, on Friday we were contacted by Nicole Cousino (of FAT OF THE LAND “fame”) who wanted to find a home for a biofuel processor she a couple of friends had made back in November. We accepted and adopted it. How great is that? 

She and her friends want to get it up and running by the end of January for theCalifornia Biodiesel Consumers’ Conferenceto be held at Pizter College – it’ll be the first processor of the kind in SoCal (she says)

So yesterday Nicole and her friend, George, brought over the fumeless processor (first made by Berkley’s “girl mark”). It was quite an exciting day, setting up the tank, putting on the hoses, testing out the pump, checking and reading and re-reading girl mark’s instructions. With everyone working together things were getting done!

We are hoping, if all goes well, to produce a batch of biodiesel by Sunday which will be used in a friend’s diesel Mercedes.

This week, I’ll have to get some waste veggie oil (grease) from a local restaurant we deliver produce to and a couple of other things and then on Thursday or Friday we are expecting the folks from Common Vision to stop in (and perhaps a group of students from Arcadia high school who are doing a presentation on alternative transportation and fuels).

So, it’s going to be a busy week!


We ate breakfast by the light of some beautiful oil lamps this morning instead of candles. We were all pleased with the light they gave and it was really nice way to start the day — sort of a less harsh awakening as the night gave way to dawn.   Funny, the less we use lights, the more we like it. Soft glows from candles and oil lamps (and one day wood stove???) seems to calm the nerves and give the eyes a much needed rest from the brightness of electric lights.

On Saturday, we received the much anticipated Mother Earth News CD containing over 2,000 articles from the first 60 issues, which we will be reading over the next few days/weeks.

Weather Report: Sunny, pleasant.

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