“Quinn” the Pigeon (read Nov 24 blog entry of his first arrival) is our newest resident here at PTF. He has been granted asylum and protection after numerous attempts on his life.

The first of which was “attempted” by our cat, Cassidy.

She was spotted running around with “Quinn” in her mouth, blissfully happy with her new play toy but was eventually bribed to drop him so we could rescue him.

Quinn was then allowed to recover in solitude until ready to be released .

Upon release, he found PTF’s urban homestead to his liking and remained a visitor. However, two days after his regaining his freedom, Quinn once again almost lost his life — to an aerial dive-bomb attack by a hawk while in mid-flight above our backyard which left him with a bloody puncture wound.

So, yet again, he was rescued, cleaned up and then released.

Only this time, he flew into the garage and refused to leave its safety.


While in the garage, he nearly beheaded himself in a rat trap.

Taking pity on this unlucky bird, we decided to build him a home. Quinn now lives perched on the upper-story of the chicken coop and spends his days in leisure eating his fill and watching the chickens and ducks.

He has since regained a little of his confidence after his unlucky run at life and does a morning circle flight each day, but always returns to his little home of protection.

{Note: we don’t know the gender of the pigeon – so for now it’s a “he.” }


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Weather Report: Sunny, pleasant.

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  1. David says:

    Fancy that, I was searching for pigeon garage loft designs & got your site. Is Quinn still round?

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