Gooooooooooooooooooooooooal (whew, let me take a breath) has been reached! All things considered and with many crops not doing well because of weather conditions and a few crop failures (See Facts & Stats), it’s a real blessing to have reached the goal.


Honestly, there were times when we didn’t think our little place could ever produce 3 TONS of food. Mission, IMPOSSIBLE… or so we thought. (Many of the trees aren’t even mature and are only a few years old, so could it be possible that this little space of ours could reach close to 8,000 lbs in a couple years’ time????) Just imagine if everyone in urban, suburbanite areas in America grew a garden (any size), how much food there’d be! Never say never, dream big dreams, reach for the stars … it’s possible.


We live by the parade route and Rose Bowl area (and during these times, we stick close to home and try to avoid the crowds). This morning the Stealth Bomber was circling around the house, waiting for its grand entrance at the beginning of the Rose Parade and game.   At 8 o’clock, it swooped low over our house to do the first-ever flyover with F/A 22 and F-117A stealth fighters flanking the boomerang-shaped B-2 bomber, and flew down the entire parade route (and later flew again over our house after doing a fly-by on the Rose Bowl right after the national anthem).   Not too thrilled about war machines, but it is sure an impressive sight to say the least.


Well, ya know…

We accomplished some milestones this year in ourPath to Freedom. This year we look forward to moving on to better and greater things here on the urban homestead…

Our focus will be on “beyond gardening” and on reclaiming, reducing water, heating, conserving more electricity, handworks and skills, beekeeping, secondary products and more (as the ‘ to do’ list at the right column shows).  

Lots of time and energy are and were spent thinking/planning the details of the projects than actually doing the real work. That’s the most frustrating part…. but is a good lesson in patience and perseverance in this fast paced world of ours.

Do not be afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still ~ Chinese Proverb ~

Weather Report: Overcast and cool.

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